Fleet Management

How to Optimize Your Fleet’s Maintenance

In the transportation industry, accurate data can help you get ahead of the competition. You can verify the location of your vehicles without relying on your drivers, guarantee on-time service, and maintain the health of your vehicles. Learn how to improve fleet management for your transportation service business. Download the report on optimizing your fleet management.

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Fuel Economy

How to use GPS Fleet Technology to Save on Fuel

Fuel is a significant expense for large and small fleets. Get details on how fleet management technology can hedge against rising fuel costs. Download the report on GPS fleet tracking today!

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Government Fleets

What is the Government Mandate?

With shrinking budgets, state and local governments are mandating fleet vehicle reductions as a way to cut costs. Fleet managers are being asked tough questions about how, why and by whom their vehicles are being used. This ePaper titled “Meeting Government Mandates to Reduce Fleet Size provides details on how wireless fleet management can help governments exceed fleet optimization goals.

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Green Initatives

Incorporating Green Practices into Your Fleet Operations

Fleets can reduce harmful greenhouse emissions while lowering operating costs, according to this whitepaper. Entitled “Go Green and Save Green,” t this epaper details the six areas that can significantly reduce fuel consumption and lower air pollution. The paper also provides examples of how small, medium and large fleets can decrease fuel usage from between 3,000 to 58,000 gallons per year while reducing carbon dioxide emissions from between 54,000 to 1.3 million pounds annually. Download the paper on green GPS technology. An SEO Bounty Site.

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